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Being an Educator

Updated: Aug 18, 2023

Me, an IT trainer!

Hello, my name is Sharon and I got into education many, many, many years ago when I came to realise that I had a knack for being shown or taught something and then, once I had processed it, usually within minutes, I could explain it to someone else so that they could understand it. They didn’t hear what I heard, nor did they understand some of what they were being shown or taught.

That may sound a little bit condescending, however, you had to be there to see my light bulb light up brightly and others' dim down because the information just wasn't being understood.

I was working as a legal secretary at a small law firm when this first happened. The other secretaries and I had been sent on a training course for a new piece of software that the firm were installing and back at the office some of them would ask me how to use it. So, I told them, in my own words. And they got it. It all seemed quite normal and straightforward to me, because I understood pretty much immediately what I had been shown and was able to interpret it quickly and use it in my work. That is where my educator, it trainer, coach, facilitator career began... I am going to leave it there, for now... So, tell me how you came to be doing what you do? I would love to hear from you. Adios for now! Sharon

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